Inshon, is the anglicized version of the Chinese word for “Hero”.

By committing to learn about innovative technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and more on the Innov-Edu platform, learners gain the opportunity to upskill and reskill themselves, to become “Innovation Heroes”, i.e. Inshons in their professional lives and in the companies they work for.

Innov-Edu rewards learners commitment to education, by offering them a chance to earn free Inshon NFTs every time they complete a certain number or level of courses.

What are NFTs?

NFTs* or Non-Fungibles Tokens are unique digital collectibles that are by definition unique, tradable and traceable on the Blockchain.

Every time a learner on the Innov-Edu platform earns an NFT, she can be content in the certainty that she will always own that digital asset, uniquely and forever, whether or not the Innov-Edu platform remains operational.

Furthermore, by earning Inshon NFTs, a learner becomes part of an exclusive community of learners all over the world, committed and dedicated to making innovation education , a lifelong learning goal.

Sign up for our NFT course to dive deeper into your understanding of NFTs.

How can you earn Inshon NFTs?

There are many ways you can earn Inshon NFTs:

First way: Earn a free Inshon NFT by participating in our NFT contest running from now until August 31st, 2022. Learn more about the contest by joining our Discord community.

Second way: Register and Sign Up for our courses on the Innov-Edu platform. By signing up for a monthly, yearly or a la carte subscription with Innov-Edu, you demonstrate a true commitment to education and are instantly rewarded with a free NFT. Hold your NFT forever, gift them to your friends and family, or trade them using the Innov-Edu marketplace.

Third way: If you would like to earn an Inshon NFT right off the bat, you can also visit the Innov-Edu Marketplace to select amongst hundreds of Inshon NFTs and purchase your favorite Inshon NFT.

Why join the Discord community?

By joining the Discord community, you will be part of a group of dedicated individuals committed to upskilling and reskilling themselves as lifelong student of the innovative technologies that are reshaping our world.

By joining the Discord community, you will also have the opportunity to ask your most burning questions by directly interacting with the team behind Innov-Edu and the Inshon NFTs.

Lastly, by joining the Discord community, you will have the opportunity to be the first informed of progress and updates in our development journey.

Do Inshon NFTs have collections?

Inshon NFTs are grouped into different levels that will be released overtime, as new courses are added to the Innov-Edu platform.

The first collection is the Inshon Level 1 collection which will be used to reward new registrants and those who complete the beginner level of our courses. The level 1 collection will be released in April 2022.

The second collection is the Inshon Level 2 collection which will be used to reward current registrants and those who complete the intermediate level of our courses.

The third collection is the Inshon Level 3 collection which will be used to reward current registrants who complete our advanced level courses.

We reserve the right to add additional NFTs including limited release NFTs in the future.

Starting in April 2022, you will be able to see the list of currently released Inshon NFTs by visiting our Marketplace.

On what blockchain are Inshon NFTs minted?

Inshon NFT are minted on the Polygon blockchain.

Do I need to register on Innov-Edu to own an Inshon NFT?

The answer is NO. You do not need to register on the Innov-Edu platform to own Inshon NFTs.

You can either participate in our NFT contest running until August 31st, 2022 for a chance to earn a free NFT, or head straight to our marketplace, to purchase an Inshon NFT. Every NFT purchase helps us offer more courses on the Innov-Edu platform at an affordable price to our learners.

That being said, perhaps, you will find it more rewarding to not only own an Inshon NFT but also access great course content that might help you in your professional development. You can do this by purchasing a monthly, yearly or a la carte subscription to our courses HERE.

What other rewards can be earned on Innov-Edu?

Learners on Innov-Edu earn:

  1. The opportunity to upskill and reskill themselves via education in the emerging and innovative technologies of today and the future.
  2. The ability to earn unique Inshon NFTs that they will own forever.
  3. The possibility of earning points and IEDU tokens that can be redeemed for real life discounts and items. Learn more about IEDU loyalty tokens HERE.

Who is behind the Inshon NFTs?

Innov-Edu is the online education platform, where you can learn while earning Inshon NFTs. Innov-Edu is owned by InnovFin Consulting Inc., a Blockchain company located in Canada.

InnovFin Consulting Inc. is made up of dedicated and passionate individuals, who have made innovation education their mission.

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