Five Essential Things You Should Know About the Innov-Edu NFT Marketplace

Innov-Edu is a proprietary platform of InnovFin. InnovFin is a blockchain company, with over 10 years of experience in the finance industry. The company specializes in blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). There are four portions to the Innov-Edu platform.

The Innov-Edu Marketplace is a platform made to work in conjunction with the Education platform, the Loyalty platform, and the Certification platform. The Innov-Edu Marketplace is meant to reward users of the Innov-Edu platform. The NFTs represent milestones in a user’s journey of upskilling and reskilling themselves with beginner, intermediate, and advanced blockchain and emerging technologies courses. 

5 essential points when it comes to becoming a user on the Innov-Edu Marketplace.

#1 What is Innov-Edu about?

Innov-Edu is an innovative learning platform who’s mission is to augment the global human capital so no one is left behind by innovation. To enhance the user’s learning experience, Innov-Edu provides these categories of interest: Emerging Technology Education, Certification issued on the Blockchain, Loyalty Points, and the NFT Marketplace.

Innov-Edu’s Educational courses include everything from introductory courses (available now) to advanced theory courses (in development), developed and reviewed by Blockchain Experts. Individuals today may encounter skill obsolescence in companies exploring, or implementing emerging technologies such as blockchain. While implementation of new technologies create efficient and up-to-date systems, sometimes these technological changes may cause a shift in task proceedings that some may find it difficult to adapt to, when training or resources are not readily available. Innov-Edu’s education combats the stress that comes with changes in emerging technologies in workplaces, so that the individuals who take courses with Innov-Edu are readily adapted. Our motto is to equip yourself, or your workforce, with essential knowledge on emerging technologies so that you can open your career and job opportunities in Industry 4.0.

Upon completion of a course, Innov-Edu Instructors will issue you a certification authenticated on the blockchain. These certificates will be emailed to you in PDF format, and will also be viewable directly via the blockchain on your Metamask wallet. By sending your unique certificate hash to existing or potential employers, they can view and verify your certificate using the blockchain network. Our certification process ensures that your certificates are immutable, unfalsifiable, instantly authenticated, and forever present.

The Innov-Edu also hosts a Loyalty Points system. This system is meant to incentivize and encourage users and learners to collect points as quickly as they can to redeem their points for the limited-quantity items in the Loyalty Store. To redeem your points for items, ensure you are connected to your Metamask wallet.

Innov-Edu highly values education and lifelong learning. The NFT Marketplace was built to help users interact, learn, and build their NFT portfolios with an easy-to-use and exchange system. The Hangman NFT Collection is offered for free to help users learn how to buy, trade, exchange, and sell NFTs on the platform. The Inshon NFT Collection marks milestones in the user’s upskilling and reskilling journey on the platform. Both can be bought, traded, exchanged and sold on the Innov-Edu NFT Marketplace.

#2 How do I open an Innov-Edu account?

New users can open an Innov-Edu account today by visiting the website at Select “My Account” on the top bar, and click on “Register Now” highlighted in blue. You will be prompted to enter a Username and your email. Once you hit the Register button, you will see a green display indicating that an email has been successfully sent. To create your password, please access your email (the same email you entered to create an account) and follow the instructions to create a new password. You will see that Innov-Edu has gifted you 5 Registration Points for signing up with us. Keep collecting points to redeem even better items at the Loyalty Store!

Once you have an Innov-Edu account, you can visit Buy Courses on the top bar, and access free and paid courses there.

#3  What are IEDU tokens, and how do I earn them?

IEDU tokens stand for Innov-EDU tokens. The tokens that Innov-Edu issues are stored and secured on the blockchain, which means that you have full ownership and access of these tokens anytime, anywhere as long as you have your Metamask account. 

Anyone can earn IEDU tokens by signing up on the Loyalty platform. To learn more about what the Loyalty platform offers, on the home screen of the Loyalty page, you can scroll down to watch a tutorial on how to navigate the platform. If you are having trouble finding your IEDU tokens in your profile, please ensure you have connected your Metamask wallet to the platform. Metamask is a blockchain wallet that can be downloaded to your Chrome browser as an extension. Innov-Edu offers a starter tutorial on how to get started here. Please scroll down on the Loyalty page to find more tutorials on how to get started.

There are many ways you can earn bonus IEDU tokens. The first way is to register on the Innov-Edu Loyalty Points Platform, attend InnovFin or Innov-Edu events, volunteer with InnovFin or Innov-Edu, or host an event, discussion or networking session with InnovFin and Innov-Edu.

For any questions or comments, please contact us on Discord here:

Or contact us via email at: 

#4 Which NFT collections are available on Innov-Edu Marketplace?

Currently, the Hangman NFT Collections and the Inshon NFT collections are available on the Innov-Edu Marketplace. The Hangman Collection exists on the Mumbai Testnet to help users practice how the NFT Marketplace works, before interacting with the real NFT market. The Hangman Collection is reminiscent of the childhood game, the Hangman. These hand drawn stick figures call to a variety of bright pop colours, expressions, and movements. The collection also features Para Hang boys and Para Hang gals. 

The Inshon NFT Collection exists on the Polygon network. The Inshon Collection serves as a collectible milestone to accompany the user on their journey to upskilling and reskilling on the Innov-Edu platform. The term, “Inshon,” is derived from the anglicized meaning of “Hero” in Mandarin. To access this collection, please ensure you are connected to the NFT Marketplace using your Metamask wallet. If the collection is not displaying, please watch the tutorials by scrolling down on the NFT Marketplace.

#5 How do I exchange IEDU tokens for NFTs on the NFT Marketplace?

To exchange IEDU tokens for Hangman and Inshon NFTs on the NFT Marketplace, please ensure you are connected to your Metamask wallet. Next, connect your Metamask wallet to both the Mumbai and Polygon networks. The Mumbai network allows you to view, trade and exchange the Hangman Collection, while the Polygon network allows you to view, trade and exchange the Inshon Collection. 

To explore the entirety of the NFT collections, please visit the NFT Marketplace at 

If you scroll down below, a list of tutorials are available to help you connect your wallets, and demonstrate how to buy NFTs from each collection. More features will soon be available to users!

In conclusion, Innov-Edu is building a variety of blockchain and emerging technology courses to help individuals adapt and seamlessly integrate into highly innovative workforces. To keep up-to-date with NFT Marketplace on-goings and more, keep educating yourself by taking online courses at Innov-Edu.

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***This article is not meant to offer any tax, investment or trading advice. The author of this article is not a licensed tax, investment or financial advisor***

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